Unable to get Denon 3313 Live feedback/IP Zone 1 working

I added the device using manual IP on port 80, but the remote does not work.

It does however work when i use the auto detect version of AVR Series Zone 1

I manually set the IP address on the router and it hasnt ever changed.

Can someone help?

Perhaps the command set selected when adding via Manual IP was incorrect. The port 80 manual IP set is named “AVR Series IP Zone 1”. We presume you’re using these instructions:


If the issue continues, we recommend contacting support so we can look at your configuration.

I got it to work. I realized that the existing IP linkup was blocking the new port 80 from going through.

I was able to get feedback on the source, volume and sound mode, but no additional feedback with the AVR Series IP Zone version. In fact i got more feedback from the original version, being able to navigate pandora and viewing music information. Was album art supposed to work in one or the other version?

A very big downside is a number of input commands do not work, in particular, Blueray, cable, network and pandora. This puts a serious limitation on the ability to leverage the receiver’s capability to watch 2 different HDMI sources from 2 different TVs.

With the lack of these functions and the limited feedback, I decided to go back to the original codes. Although it limits me to only one remote at a time, the bigger downside of not being able to use my units pretty much points to going with the original code.

Is there a way we can fix the codes being transmitted for the AVR Series IP so that the source input works for the future?

Thanks, and feedback would be much obliged!

Sounds like the 3313 has issues with the alternate command set. The default command set as you noted works fine with the 3313, but we have not tried the alternate command set. We recommend contacting support so we can get a Collect Diagnostics result from your receiver and add the appropriate input names.