Universal Devices new eisy

Has any tired eisy the new hub from universal devices? While using with Insteon PLM it seems it’s just a replacement of isy 994, so h/w wise there should be no change, but wondering if RR will simply support using the current process.

I’ve heard the name but know nothing about it.

Since v5 of ISY I think it is best to think of ISY as separate hardware and software. The software can run on a number of hardware platforms, though most of us have been running it on the ISY 994. The new “eisy” device is just a more robust platform on which the ISY software can run. In addition, it can run other Polisy-compatible node servers. My guess would be that the API hasn’t changed so it should look like any other ISY implementation to Roomie.

eisy | home - Universal Devices (universal-devices.com)

Please see link for this device https://www.universal-devices.com/product/eisy-home/

Yes, as I said, I’m aware of it. Either we need a ton of users requesting some kind of support for it, enough to justify us buying it, or they need to send us a test unit. Neither of those has occurred. I don’t have any data that indicates it doesn’t work perfectly actually. So there’s no known issue here.

I will post in their forum as well and request to send a demo unit to RR assuming you have the serial PLM which is not easily available these days, until the new Insteon management brings it back to production

Here is the link to UD forum, they are trying to reach out to RR

I haven’t personally tried the new hub from Universal Devices, but it’s possible that it may just be a replacement for the ISY 994 with no major hardware changes.

Migrated to new eisy hub from Universal Devices with USB Insteon PLM, all good no issues so far. Just an important tip, simply change the IP address of the old isy994i device in RR to point to the eisy IP address and update manifest…all activities, homebar scenes etc…gets updated automatically! Cool !!

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Update : all traditional Devices in eisy @ Insteon on/off etc work as expected, however if you add any “polyglot” nodes like ecobee, hue lights, harmony node they all are working in eisy but doesn’t work in Roomie Remote, anyone tired this? Maybe some thing is wrong at my end.