UPC Mediabox: Pace DCR7111 Toggle Codes


Can you please support the

Pace DCR7111 upc media box remote? (It’s the new default for UPC in the Netherlands)

I tried to find a compatible remote. The Philips DCR-8111 sort of works but there is a problem with parity bits or something. So repeating a command doesn’t work. pressing 2 times “1” or 2 times channel up doesn’t work.

Then next blog entry explains but i hope someone can help me as they are using different hardware (no iTach). http://blog.hekkers.net/2012/05/06/ir-trouble-with-the-pace-dcr7111-upc-mediabox/




Those are called Toggle codes. Does that happen with every command or just repeat commands like Channel up/down?

We can certainly paste those codes into the set and send it to you from support but they only have channel up/down on that link.

Hi thanx for the fast reply,

it looks like it’s happening with all commands.

For example It happens also when pressing the numbers multiple times. For example if you want to select channel 11 with the num pad by pressing 2 times 1. The second 1 is ignored no matter how often you press it.

Also with the navigation pad.

Hopefully you can support the Pace DCR7111 upc media box.

What would be the other route? I’m not sure if i can learn these toggle codes of the remote to the iTach. Happy if i’m wrong :slight_smile:



Learning them can be somewhat complex. Basically, you learn every button twice. The Roomie DDK shows how to then combine the two codes into a toggle code. We do not have toggle codes for that device nor did we find them quickly just now in a Google search, so learning may be the best option. If you can learn the two codes for each button, support can help you assemble them into the appropriate format.