Update Kodi Command Set

The current command set for Kodi in SC5 based on v6 has been outdated for the past year:


Is it possible to update the command set to coincide with the latest release (Krypton)?


Quite a lot has changed and many of the buttons that are part of the current Kodi remote do not work with Krypton. This was not a problem for me in older versions of SC because I could modify the remote design with custom commands - but this does not work currently and has broken many of my remotes.

Thank you!

API versions are not a use case and don’t impact users or functionality.

If you have a specific need from Kodi that is not currently provided, please state that explicitly by the exact command you feel is missing or incorrect.

Off the top of my head - Movies, TV shows, Menu, Codec, Quit, Files commands do not work with the current command set with Kodi v17 and higher.

I referenced the API changes because there are quite a few changes that will break functionality in addition to the ones referenced above. The commands I use are certainly not comprehensive nor have I tested them all.