Updated/Missing DirecTV channels?

Just curious if it’s possible to update the listings used for DirecTV? It’s missing a few channels… here’s some that I noticed that are missing:

101 Audience HD

103 n3D

104 DTV Cinema 3D

106 ESPN 3D

107 3net

Also, some channels only show up if I choose the “generic” DirecTV provider for the guide such as “DirecTV (Central)” instead of “DirecTV Central - Des Moines”.

ie: 205 DirecTV Sports Mix

I guess I’m not sure what the fix would be… a better source for pulling guide data, perhaps? …or maybe allowing us to add our own channels manually? I realize that option wouldn’t get us any guide data but at least it would allow us to access the missing channels via the guide.

Thanks again for a great app!

While we do submit guide data errors to our providers so these can probably get fixed (that can take around 2-4 weeks), we are also planning some customization features for the guide that may allow more or less fixing things like this manually in the future.

Any progress on the custom-tuning of guides? I’ve found myself straying away from roomie to the directv app because of the missing channels. :frowning:

What is your zip code and which provider name (exactly) are you choosing?

My zip is 50010 (USA) and I’m choosing:

“DirecTV with Des Moines-Ames Area Channels (Central)”

… but even if pick the standard “DirecTV (Central)” or even “DirecTV (Eastern)” using a NY zip code, the same channels are missing so it seems to be a global issue.

Here are the normal channels that are missing:

101 Audience HD

103 n3D

104 DirecTV Cinema 3D

106 ESPN 3D

107 3net


Also, none of the on-demand channels are listed… there’s about 60 of them between channel 1000 and 1900. The guide currently jumps from channel 884 (with maybe a few locals in the 900s) to channel 2001 globally.


With these VOD channels there are no show listings… they just have program names in the guide. ie: Channel 1886 always just says “Adult Swim on Demand VOD” in the guide. If this is something that you guys or your provider could add as just plain text so we are able to select these channels in the guide, that would be awesome.


Hope that helps. Thanks!

Just curious if you had any time to look at this? Thanks again! Loving roomie!

Our providers reported back that they fixed the 101-107 channels. Those will show up in about 48 - 72 hours.

The 60 channels between 880 and 2001 are Gateway channels and are not listed in the lineup. Gateway channels are not intended for the end user but are rather a methodology DirecTV uses internally to facilitate data transport.

VOD channel data is not supported. You will not see programming listed for them.

Awesome, thanks for the quick response.

Yeah, I know that there is no guide data for the VOD channels, but they are static channels, each with their own menus to navigate… and it would be nice to be able to select them via the guide in order to view VOD content.

I would maybe ask the provider to consider including them for the sole purpose of letting us select the channel from the guide… or as you mentioned a while ago, possibly allow us to add our own custom channels in a future update. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to not have to manually go through the DTV guide in order to pick one of the VOD channels. Roomie is so much better!

Thanks again.

I’m also from Iowa with Directv - some of the HD vs SD channels were a little messed up. Not a big deal, I just had to add the SD version of the channel which happens to be my HD channel. I think all new Directv hardware doesn’t have the “duplicate SD channel” like in the past (mine was installed in the last 6 months).

All those fractional channels should just be ignored. They’re holdovers from ages ago when DirecTV used them for HD. The providers have just not removed them yet. If you don’t select them, you wont see them. The non-fractional channels now represent the HD channels.