Updated Onkyo support

Onkyo sent out an update an released a newer remote app a bit ago. The new app has sliders to adjust treble, base, center, an subwoofer. Do you plan on adding this?

also! Kind of a cool idea I had. If you create an activity that opens the onkyo remote… use the guide to brows onkyo’s internet radio option such as pandora.

Browsing of Pandora with Onkyo receivers is already supported though it is in the Virtual Remote not part of the Music Guide.

We’ll probably add more slider functionality like that in a near term release.

I noticed that… The only problem is that once you select a pandora channel… It still displays your channel list … Then it wont let you move up or down without figuring out what button to hit to back out of the window… Doing something like sonos in the guide area would be nicer :slight_smile: