URL Command for a Button

In the Remote design when you add a button would it be possible to add support for an http request like the URL command in the activities?

I control my lighting using http requests to homeseer and have setup some activities for this but would like to add some buttons also to the remotes.

This would be great - I would use it to launch the “Plex” iOS app from inside roomie, switching back won’t be as clean but it would be nice.

Agree, this would be a great feature

Yes pls add this feature - I use homeseer and this would be a dream come true.

Kind of in the same area… The ability for a button to launch another app… This would be great for quickly launching other remote app like apple remote or insteon

We understand the feature request here specifically to do this from a button. We do plan this at some point. However, for users reading this thread it’s important to note that this functionality is mostly already available by creating an Activity, turning off “Automatic Commands”, and then creating a URL command as a Start Command for that Activity. That effectively creates a URL button in the Activity list. It’s not on the Virtual Remote, but does the same job.

The benefit of having it on the Virtual Remote is that you can call the URL several times within the activity.

That is also how it works when used as an Activity without Automatic Commands.

whoah, blowin my mind here. how do i launch an app using a URL command? I see the option, and I’ve searched URL schemes for apps. But everything I find is developer-oriented; like, how a developer adds that feature. Is it simply a matter of calling “appname://” as a command?

I use the official xbmcRemote, so could I launch the app with one of these commands?

We have a FAQ specifically on that question:


Is there anyway to support basic authentication within the url command?

We accept standard URL syntax which does support authentication (eg. user:pass@server)

Would it be possible to add the url instead of a device assigned to a port on tv/reciever. The usercase would be to launch the Apple remote when selecting HDMI 1 on the TV or launch Spotify when airport express is selected on the reciever.