Use Elgato Eve as Trigger Agent

I am a SimpleControl novice. I would like to know if it is possible to use the temp sensor on the Elgato Eve as a trigger agent in SimpleControl. For example, when the room temp rises above a set point as measured by Eve, SimpleControl runs the action “Turn on Living Room AC.” Living Room AC happens to be a through-the-wall Frigidaire unit that would be controlled by a SimpleControl WiFi IR Blaster.

Any help or insight would be much appreciated.

That should work fine.

The Elgato Eve is a Bluetooth device. How does Simple Control “see” it as a trigger?

It’s a HomeKit device first and foremost. Anything else is basically irrelevant. Simple Control Triggers support HomeKit accessories, of all kinds.

Thank you. Will I be able to see the room temp reported by Eve remotely?

That is not presented in the current release. However, the next major release presents all types of sensors in the Homebar including temperature, smoke, CO2, etc.