Username and password option?

The Sonos AUX 1 problem is solved. I needed to select V-AUX at input switching insted of AUX 1. Why, I don’t know. I just tried it, and it worked. What is V-AUX?

Still the username and password for the dreambox is not solved… Please help needed.

We don’t list the VU+ as a supported device. It sounds like you’re expecting behavior that hasn’t previously been associated with Dreambox from prior customers such as username/password authentication. We could activate HTTP authentication to that command set easily. We don’t know if that would solve the issue for you. Have you tried disabling authentication on the VU+ side?

I know it’s not listed, but Dreambox and both vu+ uses the same software (enigma2). All dreambox remote apps like DreamOn work with VU. This was until now never an issue. I also own two dreamboxes.

About username/password authentication; standard “HTTP authentication” is enabled, because yoy always have to login. Standard usernames are:
For Dreambox: root, dreambox
For VU+: root, dreambox

If it is possible to switch of or disable “HTTP authentication”, I don’t know yet. But I wil try to find out. But better would be to have a login option, like DreamOn and others.

Greetings, Frank

Yes, it’s possible to switch off. At the webinterface, just disable HTTP authentication. Now it works.