Using actual room images as backgrounds


I am setting up Roomie to be the all-in-one controller for my house.

Controlling the AV equipment is relatively straight forward, however, I want to go a step further and create a pop-up remote for lighting control for each room. I want to use the actual image of the room and touch the respective areas to send commands to my Vera. For example, if I touch the floor lamp on the image, it toggles the state, similarly if I touch the TV it brings up the TV remote, so on and so forth.

Is there any way to do it by uploading images of my rooms to the images folder in Dropbox and using those as custom images/backgrounds on various screens.



  • 3 x Vera Edge controlling about 150 Z-wave devices (dimmers, relays, shutters, locks, motion sensors)
  • Assortment of AV (Sony, Sonos, Anthem, Golder Ear, Plex)
  • IP Cams
  • All controlled by multiple iPads. (Just want to customise each lighting control to that room’s image) Please help!!

This should be very straightforward. Define a background image for a custom mapped remote. Custom mappings are created via the DDK allowing you to draw the exact locations you want your buttons. Examples and templates are in the DDK:

You don’t need a custom device so just skip to the part about mapped remotes.

Thank you.