Using DDK to Add a Custom IP Device - Humax FOXSAT HDR

I have a Humax FOXSAT HDR Freesat set-top box which is not supported natively by Roomie for IP Control, but, through some Google searching, I discovered it can be configured to accept IP controls with custom firmware. I’ve installed said firmware and I’m able to control the Freesat box from a web browser on my computer, phone and tablet by triggering the URL commands seen on this webpage.

I’m now trying to add this functionality to Roomie as described in the DDK, but I’m struggling. I have the RoomieCodes.plist file loaded up in Xcode and I’ve been inputting the codes as I understood the DDK document as you can see here. I’ve only put in the URL and have taken out the following lines that were in the sample’s entries for each code, because I don’t know what else would go there in my case, and it does say that only the URL is required.

I’ve put the RoomieCodes.plist file in the Roomie Dropbox directory as instructed, and restored the app. When I add a manual IP device, the Humax device I’ve manually added does become available, but when I test the remote the commands do not work.

I’m still new to this (e.g. I’m not sure what it means by the ‘base URL’, and what exactly I would use for header lines or XML body), can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

One thing immediately noticeable from the screenshot is that the URLs given for the commands are not correct. Take a look at the HTTP sample in the DDK for the correct formatting of HTTP commands.

Thank you.