Using Denon with IP and IR

Could you please explain or document the setup procedure for controlling a Denon AVR with IR and receiving feedback from IP? I.E. I would like to know which one is “volume for all activities” and how to setup IR for control. I find IP control a bit erratic.

Just add both as independent devices. Use the IR as “power for all activities”. Use IP as “volume for all activities”. Configure inputs only on the IR device. That would give you roughly the best blend while keeping all of the feedback.

We could also ask why IP has been erratic for you as that can probably be solved. Denon actually has been by far the most problematic in terms of firmware versions that have IP problems, but their current firmware versions for the last couple of years worth of receivers seem stable.

When you use IP for “volume for all activities” though, do you use IP for the volume command or can you force it to use the IR command?

As for the IP problems, sometimes I find that the app fires the macro commands ok, but the Global Cache doesn’t receive them every time. I do switch apps a bit, but never shut the Roomie app.

Other than that excellent!