Using netcat to convert commands from TCP to UDP

Really liking Roomie, and have now got all my devices working using IP.

One of my devices (a Pixel Magic MTV4000PVR (MagicTV) ) uses UDP rather than TCP for control over IP. Roomie doesn’t seem to support UDP yet, so came up with a neat way to convert the TCP packets that Roomie can send out to UDP using the netcat (or nc) command.
Netcat is available on most Linux distribution and is available as a simple windows exe from just grab the nc.exe from the zip

To call it use use netcat from any PC on your network to listen to a port and pipe this to another netcat with UDP to the MagicTV IP address (in this case using port 23456 . Command line for windows is below, slightly different for Linux.

C:\Program Files\netcat> nc -L -p 23455 | nc -u 23456

You then point roomie to the PC where this command is running. Not as good as native UDP support but a good work-around.