Using Simple Cable - Extension with Simple Cable - 3.5 mm Serial

Can anyone comment on the actual length of a Simple Cable - 3.5mm Serial cable? It is not listed in the item details on the store.

Can anyone comment on their use of a Simple Cable - 12’ and 25’ Extension with the Simple Cable - 3.5mm Serial Cable? The use of extension cables with the 3.5 mm serial cable is not listed in item details on the store.

It seems that it should works, but I would like to get some confirmation before I place my order as I have to contend with the cost of getting the items across the border into Canada.

Thanks in advance!

The extension cables are for infrared emitter cables. So basically you would use those almost exclusively with the Triport Adapter. They need on both sides to plug into an infrared jack like those on the Triport Adapter and super old units like the original iTach series. Definitely they are not serial cables.

Thanks for the update Will. Any information on the length of the Simple Control - serial 3.5mm?



Added 6’ to the product page.

This is a related question. Can any ir emitter be connected to the triport adapter. I have an existing system with ir cables already routed in a wall. Can they be reused with the triport adapter or do I have to run new cables?