Uverse Easy Remote

Uverse has released an iOS remote that works via ip. Can roomie leverage this new capability natively?

UVerse has had IP control available since December 2012. The problem is not the existence of the IP control. The problem is that they have placed a license agreement around it that no software company would ever sign – every single version of an app needs to be submitted to AT&T for their own testing and approval process prior to any App Store submission which would turn the release process for Roomie into potentially months of red tape. Imagine if the time between Roomie 2.0.0 which had some serious issues and 2.0.1 had been weeks/months instead of 48 hours? That is why you don’t see any apps built for the UVerse API from us or anyone else.

We have passed along our feedback to the UVerse folks and hope to see licensing improvements in the future that would make it possible to support that via IP. We have it working quite well internally, so we’re ready to go when they get the license fixed. In the meantime, UVerse boxes are well controlled via infrared.

Thank you.