Uverse Motorola Channel Entry Problem

That’s not a Retransmit Count issue. That’s handled by the “Switching Delay” setting in the Guide Setup panel under the Guide Settings gear icon in the upper right (iPad) or top of the guide under the scroll lip (iPhone). Just increase that until the delay between digits is sufficient for your box.


I am not able to find how to get to the guide setting panel on my iphone. Is this on the guide page itself? or somewhere else?



Just drag the guide down and you’ll see the gear icon for the Guide Settings.

In 1.7.1 on the Guide Setup panel I see only a “channels” section and a “open guide with activities” section, no “switching delay” setting. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Guide options like that appear when you have a channel changing device associated with the guide. If you edit the guide without opening an Activity associated with a device that can actually change channels, there are no extra settings like that.

thanks. i set the delay to 500ms and all good