V5 UI Suggestions

I’m going to start by saying I really like the v5 design and approach, it was easy to get a multiroom system to a basic working situation while learning everything. A few hours and I’ve got distributed hdmi switcher and four rooms where it works and is reliable, that’s not available anywhere else that I know of. Coming from other software or my configuration of it I have a few small suggestions that might improve the v5 UI.

  • When in an activity, a long hold on the activity name at the top could re-send the commands to start the activity (currently you need to go back to the room’s screen and long hold, and extra push). With multiple people in the room with clients, the source gets changed but your remote is still on the old source.

  • it might be helpful to have channel up down buttons be part of the default tv layout.

  • In iRule I had configured that a swipe up or down in the tv remote would be a channel up or down, not really for the actual channel up or down but for use while in the guide. Here a one finger swipe moves the screen so I wondered if a two finger gesture could be used to do this? In fios and I think same in the satellite systems, channel down is page down and this is a little weird if you try to use the gesture to change channels because channel down would be a swipe down but again this is mainly used for the guide, for those who prefer to use the guide in the set top box (where you can record, etc)

  • in an activity swipe left doesn’t have function. what would be really cool here would be a configurable panel that overlays the activity on one side (like in ios where you can swipe and have your email pop up on the right side) where you could customize the deeper function buttons for that activity, like combine the avr source, status, surround modes, etc, whatever you wanted. I really, really like the current logo menu where the deep functions are located because that is a regular problem with most programmable remotes (that they are not available or you have to do all kinds of programming to make them available), this would just extend and customize that idea.