Various problems with Panasonic ST50

I have the following setup:

Panasonic P65ST50 TV
Onkyo TX-NR515 Receiver
Panasonic BDT-220 Bluray
I am using the TV’s internal tuner for TV and Audio Return via HDMI to feed that audio to the receiver

I have had a Pronto and a Harmony before so have dabbled quite a bit but I am I have the following issues getting Roomie setup.Firstly, there is no Wake On LAN with my TV. I wish I knew this before I bought it and I would have got the GT50. I am trying to overcome this by using WOL to wake up the BDT220 which then wakes up the TV via Viera Link. Secondly, I am also having issues selecting the correct input on the TV for any given activity and then switching the correct things off.


  1. Is there any other way to power on the TV besides the Bluray doing it? I can’t work out a way for the receiver to do it with RHID.
  2. Are there discrete Power On and Power Off IP commands within Roomie for both the P65ST50 and the BDT220? All I can find is power toggles for both.
  3. Are there discrete Input selection commands within Roomie for the P65ST50? All I can find is “Input next”.

I hope that all makes sense. Thanks in advance for your help.


  1. If the 515 and ST50 are configured for HDMI CEC, you should be able to send TV POWER ON to the Onkyo to activate the TV. (Your mileage may vary as HDMI CEC remains very fault prone.)

  2. The ST50 does not support Wake on LAN and is toggled. The most reliable way to control that unit is IR. The BDT220 can be turned on with a PLAY command and then turned off with PLAY followed immediately by POWER TOGGLE.

  3. Panasonic only offers INPUT NEXT over IP. The full array of discrete inputs is available via IR.

Thank you so much for your quick response. It’s a real shame that Panny have chosen to limit the IP control so severely.


I have the same TV and same issues.

Although the issue that is outstanding is as per question ealier above.

  1. Are there discrete Input selection commands within Roomie for the P65ST50? All I can find is “Input next”.

How can you configure to simply change Input to TV or whatever input required as the options are quite useless given for this important functional feature. Appreciate the answer that I cannot seem to find.

Forgot to add when I add the input next command it only displays the input menu, but it does not have the command to allow the specific input selection of the inputs displayed on screen no matter what I do.