Velodyne-DD10 rear IR port no response

I’m getting no response when connecting iTach to the rear IR port on Velodyne-DD10. With the blaster it works fine. I’ve tried both mono and stereo cables but no success. On the Velodyne home page they state “ Velodyne has tested and verified the IR input jack compatibility with the Xantech and Elan brand products”

Maybe the iTach isn’t compatible with the Velodyne rear IR port? My receiver and DVD are ok with rear IR ports. Anybody here using the iTach with the Velodyne rear IR port?

Sounds like that may be a Xantech style port. You might want to try the GC-CGX cable with it. You might also ask Global Caché support if they have any support records of that device needing the GC-CGX cable.

Thank you for the reply. I Googled the cable and found a post on Avsforum in the official Velodyne support thread (page 284 if anybody is interested). The question is if Global Cache GC-CGX converter cable is usable with signals from an Itach IP-IR.

Strangely, the answer from Velodyne support is: “The Digital Drive series subwoofer’s IR input connector is not compatible with Xantech or other brands. It is a proprietary remote eye accessory available from Velodyne.”

Further down the tread he follows up with:” The external remote eye is available from Velodyne, but is nothing more than an external IR sensor with a long cable. The idea being if your subwoofer was placed someplace that prevented the integrated IR sensor from easily detecting the remote, you could place this sensor near the rest of your gear then run the cable to the subwoofer.”

I don’t get it. Velodyne FAQ explains this IR port to be compatible with Xantech and Elan brand products. This guy however claims it’s not compatible with anything other than a proprietary IR sensor.

I think I’ll be using one of the IR emitters on the sub.