Vera or Smartthings to start using Zwave controls

I’m new to Roomie want to add a Z-wave controller but I’m not sure if I should go with a Vera model or a Smartthings Smart Hub. I know that the Smartthings route requires the Roomie Agent but I’m fine with that. I’m just looking for the most reliable solution. The Vera looks good except I see so much complaining about the UI7 stuff. Is it really that bad? I want something at least fairly reliable (I know it won’t be RadioRa2 reliable given it is a fraction of the price).

For some background, I’m starting by converting my home theater lighting from an old Grafik Eye (non-radioRa) to Zwave so I can add more zones and get better wireless control. I’d also like to add more Z-wave features around the house.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Can’t comment on your other z-wave needs but you can probably control your Grafik-Eye thru Roomie. I have a Spacer system with remote 4 scene controls which I added to Roomie by running an emitter thru the wall and up to the back of the remote switch. I know Roomie has a bunch of code sets for Grafik Eye.

You are right, I can control my Grafik Eye with Roomie but I want to switch away from Grafik Eye so I can add other Zwave integration in the house. Plus, I presently have 4 zones and want to add two more. That means redoing my Grafik Eye setup and it would be easier and cheaper to switch to individual Z-wave dimmers.

Have you looked into ISY? It is supported by Roomie and can control Zwave devices and, most importantly, it’s extremely powerful. Bit of a learning curve though.