Version 2.1 Imminent Release

Roomie 2.1 will be released in 0-7 days. As with any major feature release, version 2.1 brings many improvements.

Some of our customers can’t wait for new releases and eagerly devour the new functionality. Conversely, some would prefer to upgrade their systems at a more leisurely pace. Please make sure if you fall into the latter category to turn off automatic software updates in iOS 7 while any early issues get sorted.

Thank you.

Got it. Reading the ‘What’s New’ info it sounds like a very good update.

Applause !

Awesome. Thanks for the update.

Particularly excited about the activity modes as I just added a projector to the setup. May we expect a tutorial or write-up as to how to set up activity modes?



We may add a FAQ on it. The overview video for 2.1 shows how to setup Activity Modes in some detail.

The only missing piece in the overview video is that you can also create conditional commands in any Activity based upon the state of an Activity Mode. For instance “if projector mode on” then “lower screen”.

Thank you.

Would love to have a full write-up. I am sure many more will find it helpful.