Version 5 Beta Begins!

We’ve just started beta for Simple Control Home 5! Numerous major features have been added, and more are being added regularly. We’re looking for people willing to install 2-3 updates per week, a very simple process via Apple’s TestFlight service.

Not all features are implemented yet, but we’re opening up the beta as we feel it’s stable for daily usage and will continue to be through the release. Advantages for you include early access to a great deal of new functionality, and a direct feedback line that has a very high probability that your feedback gets analyzed and resolved.

If you’re interested in participating, please use the Contact Support button inside the app so we can verify the kinds of devices you’ll be testing with and just write that you’re interested in beta access in the note and if you’re running Simple Hub, which platform you use for that. If you were previously in our beta program, it is likely you’ll need to request we add you again. Simple Control Home and active Simple Service 3/20/100 are required for the beta. iOS 10 is required.

Special device notes: The following devices are of particular interest as we look for beta testers this round: HDHomeRun, HomeKit devices, recent (especially 2016) Denon/Marantz H series receiver models, Chromecast devices. Users currently running a Simple Hub on iOS, tvOS, or macOS are ideal. Hub beta updates will also be issued through beta. Major Alexa enhancements will be part of the Hub beta.

Thank you.

Is the beta still going? The last version I received by TestFlight has expired. Thanks!

We paused the beta in January to add some major new functionality. We expect the beta to resume in about a month.

5.0 is going to be a huge release.

Thank you.

How can I request to be included in the v5 beta?

We are still adding people to the beta. The beta is indeed slowly resuming as per my prior post. I’m adding a couple people a day at this point, and will be ramping up to full beta over the course of a month or so. The way to request access remains as per above. Make sure you’re (1) using the Home app, and (2) have active Simple Service.

Thank you.

Hi, is there any news on how version 5 is progressing and when it is likely to be released.

We’re definitely in full swing on the beta now. We’re still adding people every day so if interested please use the method above. I’ll probably schedule the release after WWDC either for Summer or Fall depending on how many changes come out of WWDC that we feel need to be reflected in 5.0. We just established a Slack chat channel for beta testers which should be a great way to improve the feedback process.

Thank you.

What is the latest on the v5 Beta? Will it be released soon?

We can still add people to beta if they’re active users with enough devices and users of the iOS, tvOS, or macOS Hub. It’s very stable now.

The software has changed so much that we’re giving it a nice long time iterating in beta. We’ve had version upgrades in the past, but this is not like our previous updates. The UI is almost completely replaced. The list of new features is very long, but still in some flux so not yet time to post it here.

Some things that might be helpful to know now and I feel are finalized enough to note here:

  • Simple Control 5 will be a new, separate app. It will be the only Simple Control app.
  • Simple Control 5, the app, will be free, but control 0 devices. Simple Service, from any of our previous apps or from the web store here license it.
  • We will offer free trials of Simple Service for the first time via the App Store only.
  • As before, Simple Service will transfer from all of our previous apps. You will need to keep the old app installed and use Restore Purchases in that app whenever your subscription renews there in order to reflect it properly in the new app. We recommend as always to disable renewal in the old app and then subscribe in the new app. The new app uses the App Store’s new subscription configuration that makes it very easy to switch between different Simple Service levels.
  • Simple Service pricing is unchanged, but each level of Simple Service will be getting significant upgrades, and a new Unlimited Pro level will be introduced for the first time.
  • HomeKit support is a major component of V5. When enabled, each HomeKit Accessory will synchronize as a Simple Control device. Integration of Home Control related devices (including those not via HomeKit) is far deeper throughout the app than ever before.
  • Many more details will be announced later when they’re ready.

I would estimate release in Q4 at this point. Because of the massive size of the release, the entire website and docs need significant revisions that will take time.

Thank you.

Very cool, I have been reviewing Simple Control for a bit now as a replacement to my current setup. Based on this thread and that I don’t have to switch tomorrow it seem logical to wait for this new Version Release. Of course I am eager to get started, when do we foresee the release as its fall?!

Would like to see version 5 soon, current version is getting a bit long in the tooth. I am not to excited about having a whole new app yet again, the upgrade system needs to be more painless, these new versions requiring new apps and changing plans constantly never goes smoothly.

I also really hope i dont need to keep the old app installed all the time, just until the new simple control 5 app is installed and working.

I just re-subscribed last week to simple service for a year so I dont quite understand this sentence
" use Restore Purchases in that app whenever your subscription renews there in order to reflect it properly in the new app."

My subscription wont renew for a year? Cant it just transfer that subscription to the new app? I dont get the part discussing doing this when the subscription renews.

Wondering if there is now a good estimate of release date for v5. I am one of perhaps many longtime iRule users left in the lurch by their recent decision to exit. I am very eager to switch over to Simple Control but have been awaiting the launch of v5 before getting started, given that its release had been anticipated for Q4. I gather the changes will be pretty sweeping. I have a fairly complex multi-room configuration and would prefer not to learn in two steps. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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Will version 5 support a method to develop our own feedbacks for volume and input data from our receiver. I have a theta Casablancca and can only send serial commands and not recieve feedback.