Virgin 360 Box - Does anyone have the IP codeset?

Upgraded my Tivo to 360 software and its working perfect from the new remote controller.

The IP address remains the same but the box no longer responds to anything from Roomie. Presumably a totally different codeset; ‘auto discover’ doesn’t find it and there’s nothing appearing in the ‘add manually’ to suggest it’s in any way supported.

I had to create a pool for another device in the early days so I’m hopeful someone has a list of the IP commands needed to create and add manually in the config. It’s a fairly common box in the UK, getting more common so hopefully there is some information out there.

The screenshots I found on the website don’t look like TiVo. It looks like that is an infrared box. Apparently the brand of the OEM box they use is Ziggo and I do see code sets for that in our library.