Virtual Remote Background image size


What size is recommended for the background of the virtual remotes. I stuck an iPad size wallpaper in and it appeared alot bigger than if it was used as a wallpaper.


It’s really up to you. It depends how much coverage you want on the background of your Virtual Remote. We’re not sure what you mean when you say the image appeared bigger than a wallpaper.


Thanks for the reply. The image was downloaded using one of the wallpaper apps you get for the ipad. I am using an ipad 3. the image was supposed to be for the iPad 3 so it would be 2048 x 1536. When i put it in roomie it filled the screen but with only the top left hand corner of the image. I thought it would file the screen (landscape) as it does when used as a background. Maybe I should try something smaller and see what happens

Seems it wants a square image?

I put in a 1024x1024 (and it is certainly cropping the image) but I still see the old background on the top and right edges by about 1/4 inch any ideas how to make the image full screen?