Vision Pro support?

Just wondering if there is any planned support for the Vision Pro? Also, I noticed that the iPad app is not in the store on the Vision Pro that would certainly do the trick to any reason that is not in the store?

I didn’t turn it on for the store because I don’t know it works. Roomie is far more deeply integrated into almost everything than most apps, so it is much safer to verify it before throwing it on the store and hoping for the best.

Remember that Apple gave actual Mac minis with an M1 chip to developers for 6 months to ensure that was a successful transition. Meanwhile, developers were unable to get any Vision Pro devices. You could spend a few hours at an Apple facility with some guards watching you, and that’s it. So it will be a while before lots of apps are ready for it.

I have one. I love it. Will we get Roomie working on it? I am not sure yet, it’s a lot of work to do it right. We’ll likely do something though. The core use case of “control your TV” when you’re looking through a digitized screen is a little weird. But other use cases like looking at your video cameras seem compelling.

Yeah, I get that. I don’t really think you need a full-blown special visionOS app for this, but I will tell you the iPad app would be super handy as right now I’m trying to change it on TV but I have to take out my phone to do it. First world problems:-)

After some basic testing, I’m comfortable enough with them now that I have activated all of our main apps including Roomie for the Vision Pro App Store. They are the iPad-compatible apps for now.

Awesome, thank you!

Thank you!