Vizio 2016 Smartcast Soundbar

Now that the new soundbar is wifi capable I was wondering if there were any plans to have IP compatibility for it. If it does I plan on purchasing it as my Elite TV is not able to control the volume of my original Vizio soundbar so for the time being I have to have 2 remotes. Trying to cut it completely down to 1 :smiley:

We’ve never seen an IP control protocol for literally any Vizio product. If you have a product that has an actual protocol (existence of an Ethernet port of Wi-Fi interface is not related) for control via IP, please Contact Support.

A good example of an excellent IP controllable soundbar is the Sonos Playbar.

Thank you.

Hey Will,
Does that mean the Sonos Soundbar can be turned on/off and the volume can be controlled thru IP with Simplecontrol?

Yes, certainly. And many, many other things just as we do with any other Sonos device.

Thank you.

I’m upgrading my home theater and am interested in the newer models of Vizio soundbars. From another thread it sounds like Roomie now supports direct control of Vizio Smartcast-enabled TVs, so I was wondering if that support had been extended to the Smartcast soundbars? I don’t see them on the compatibility list, but this Github issue indicates that many of the same API commands also work for the soundbars.

Also, is there a way that I could check for supported devices myself in the app without having it already on my network?