Vizio M706-g3 requests pin

About 5 days ago this TV provides a pairing pin anytime a function of the remote that involves the television is intiated. Reset and reformatted tv along with activities in roomie remote app. Issue is still occurring. This is very frustrating as the functions for this tv no longer operate when this occurs. I am not sure if it involves a Vizio update or if roomie made some changes that are making this occur. Tv is a Vizio M706-G3 running version 2.500.13.1-8. Roomie remote version 8.5.3 (2715)

We didn’t make any changes to Vizio pairing recently. Beyond that, I could only speculate on the forum since we don’t have your config or diagnostics. Many Vizio users and no reports of issues though.

Thanks for the reply. It’s an issue on Vizios end. I had to factory restore and not connect the tv to internet so it didn’t receive the new update. This resolved the issue

Vizio will only pair with two ip control devices . Any more and it stops pairing and starts throwing pin requests . You can only pair two Roomie devices to a Vizio TV

If true, easily solved. That’s why we have the Relay system for other devices that do similar things. In effect, if some Vizio model needed it, the Relay system only pairs with your Primary.