Vizio P Series Displays

Any possibility of adding IP control for the 2016 Vizio P series displays?

I’m in the same boat. I can get IR control but not all the commands work for the p75-c1 model. Would love to see some sort of control.

Vizio last we checked does not have IP control. Their latest models seem to be Googlecast-only, not even native apps.

If an infrared code is missing for your device, you may learn it with the built-in learner in the Simple Blaster. We’d love to know what you think is missing, please Contact Support with questions. Certainly we have many Vizio TV users, and they’re all using Infrared.

Thank you.

Vizio has an app that runs on iPhone and iPad via wifi.

Isn’t there a way that you could control the tv in the same way that app does?

As far as I can tell without actually reverse engineering it and going deep, the Vizio app is just a Chromecast app. It’s different from all the other TV manufacturers that have protocols with apps that send common commands like “power on” or “input HDMI 2”.

Chromecast instead handles things like “play this stream”, and it has a sidechannel to specify volume.

Our Chromecast support is undergoing a major update in 5.0. I think it’s pretty likely it would at least power on the Vizio TV, but this has not been tested. It does work for all kinds of other Chromecast devices like NVIDIA Shield. We would be happy to add a few beta testers if you contact support on that topic to try it.

Thank you.

Someone reverse engineered the control API:

The service is advertised to Bonjour as “_viziocast._tcp”

Now that looks like exactly what we need.

However, implementing it is way too complex to hope it works. That will need direct testing against a real unit. But given this work exists, I’m inclined to do it.

Thank you.

I have a Vizio E32-D1, which uses the Smartcast firmware, and would be more than happy to help test.

Can someone confirm that “_viziocast._tcp” is consistently used in all (or some) models after 2016? I can confirm this for E50 series.

Thank you

This is all already implemented in V5 due for release shortly.

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Thank you for adding the Vizio televisions to Simple Control. Any chance an input selector could be added? My 2016 Vizio display has 6 different input sources.

Vizio TV input selection is possible now. Notice in the upper right there is a media guide for it and that allows input selection from the TV. So we can send the commands, they’re just not in the list a static commands. The command you’re looking for is .CHANNEL SET, but you will probably need support’s help figuring out what to pass it for each input. We’ll be handling that more automatically at some point soon but it’s pretty simple now regardless.

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