Vizio Smart TV

Please add these televisions to the support list.

Several manufacturers have implemented IP control without supporting the ability to turn the set on via IP. While this may allow them to check a box labelled “IP Control” in a spreadsheet somewhere, it doesn’t end up serving a lot of practical value from a home theater control perspective. Vizio is in this category.

The effort to support a new brand of TV that doesn’t support power via IP is usually not a good cost benefit tradeoff. We plan to take a look at Vizio’s 2013 line MX01d when they come out. If they support Power control via IP, we would schedule adding internal support. Of course, for the little Vizio already provides today one could use the DDK to add that, but the value of doing so is of course pretty low.

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Have you guys looked at the new M series yet?

We don’t have any information indicating Vizio supports any form of IP control in their 2013 models. They don’t even produce a basic manufacturer app as far as we can tell. So it’s actually not a question only of whether they provide power control via IP, but surprisingly whether they provide any non-IR control solution at all. Until we have information to the contrary, our IR support for Vizio appears to be the limit of their functionality.

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Has this changed for 2014 tvs? I haven’t seen any updates in a while on the tv comparability list. Most new tvs have wifi do any work w roomie other than sharp and sony?

We have no information that any Vizio models can be turned on via IP in any model year.

Sony, Sharp, Panasonic are generally the safest bets if you want to prioritize IP control.

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Im looking at the Panasonic TC-40AS520U. Will that work?

Its similiar to models you have listed and may either be newer, or just a different size variant to ones you have. Is there anything I can check on tvs to know if they’ll work with roomie?

Supported models are listed here:

It’s possible other models may work, but we don’t have information to indicate that.

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We recently purchased a Vizio M801d-A3. I thought it would turn on via IP, and to test it, I turned the tv off and I went down the hall and into another room. I closed the door and pressed the power button. The tv turned on, so it seems that it must turn on with IP. (There was no one else home, so it wasn’t turned on by someone else.)

I tried to add it manually to my Roomie Remote, but after I entered the address and indicated that it’s a tv, I could go no further because Vizio was not among the selections.

Your testing was with what app exactly, a Vizio manufacturer app? And that app turned that model on via IP. Or were you testing with some kind of RF/BT remote included with the TV?

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This is the remote I was using is a Vizio XRT510:

It’s described as a “wifi remote” but Vizio may have “forgotten” to mention that it isn’t purely wifi. There’s almost no information about this remote on the Vizio website.

That’s RF or Bluetooth. Not related to IP control.

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