Vizio TV Input

I have a Vizio TV from 2007. It has 2 hdmi inputs. Regardless of what version I use to control it, I can’t directly select HDMI 1 or HDMI 2. I can only do a Toggle (in version 1, it’s just pushing “HDMI” twice).

This being the case, it get’s out of sync quickly when switching between DVD and TIVO. Is it possible the code can be updated to select the exact port I need? I’m aware this could be a limitation of the TV, but we have used it with a Harmony remote in the past with no trouble.

Any help offered would be great! Thank you!!

To clarify, we do see commands in the Vizio TV Code Group 1 (Newer Models) set for explicit HDMI 1 and 2 inputs. We presume you mean those just don’t do anything on your model?

Assuming that, does your physical remote have buttons for those inputs? If so, the best method would be to learn the commands from the remote:

Right, those don’t do anything for the TV, using just the HDMI command does. Either Group works the TV functions fine.

The physical remote does not have buttons, it just shows one HDMI button. Great thinking there.

What would be my options?