Vizio TV

I recently relocated all my components in a closet and wall mounted my new 55" Vizio. I purchased the IP2IR and the software. My TV has wireless and it is connected to my network but it is not discoverable. My network discovers my Sony bluray player with no problems.

Also, I cut an emitter cable to extend it but there is only one wire. Do I only need to extend that one wire?


Vizio is supported via IR. It is not on the IP list, so that would be normal.

There are 2 wires in the emitter cable if you do try to splice one. They are extremely thin though, so it is understandable that it may be difficult to separate them.

i was actually able to get the emitter extended and it works great on the TV. When I switch an activity, should the device I’m switching from power off? i almost got everything working and the install went well.

Thanks for your help

i forgot to ask if Vizio will be added to the IP list.