VLC 2.1 Remote, Playlist and Channel Guide


Love the new addition to control VLC 2.1 with Roomie and am using it for viewing Live TV streams from my Network PVR. While customizing the remote I’m trying to accomplish a couple of things for the Watch TV activity.

1/ Open a Channel Guide for TV listings. This is not an option for some reason. It is on the Plex Activity, but not the VLC. Is it because I added it as a Manual device?

2/ Using the gesture panel of the default remote I could open the Playlist Browser, is there a way to wither open this with the Activity or using a button? I want to be able to do this as all the TV streams are in a Playlist and allow me to directly switch to a Live TV Stream.

3/ Far less important, but is there a way to remove the media display section on the remote as it is unable to show duration etc. for a network stream and I’m trying to get to just what is needed so anyone in the house can use it.


At this point I would like to point out that Roomie along with Plex Home theater, Roku, J River Media Center, Denon 4806CI Receivers and Next PVR/HD Homerun/VLC has completely changed the entertainment experience in the household. With just an iPad I have full control of the entire setup, including powering on and off, selecting content and controlling zones around the house. Totally awesome. Even my 5 year old can easily control and use the system!