Voice commands/siri shortcuts not working on homepod

Im trying to use siri shortcuts to control my devices.
The shortcut works great on the app itself but if i use the homepod to execute it siri says is taking too long and does nothing.


I’m having the same issues…

This is a complex area that is 100% on the Apple side because developers are not allowed to run code on the HomePod, so all of that cross-execution is Apple Magic or lack thereof as the case may be. I’m somewhat optimistic I’ve seen/heard of this working though, at some point in the past. The HomePod needs to be able to find an applicable iPhone capable of running a Roomie Shortcut, and specifically that shortcut you reference.

In any case, this is the forum. We don’t track anything in here. Much more likely we’d look at this or provide some tips on next steps for you to try anyway via support.

I did end up giving this a try just now and it’s working fine. Basically, an iOS device capable of running the Shortcut needs to be found by the HomePod. Here is Apple’s basic text on the topic:

See bottom of that “Want to run shortcuts across every iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or HomePod you own? Just sign into iCloud with the same Apple ID on each device.”

I can confirm this works. If the iphone or ipad is close then it will be run on that, confirmed by a push notification by the home app.