Voice Control Add On

Hi Roomie,

I have everything tied together through Roomie, av control, hvac, and home automation. I would love to see Roomie add a voice control module and I would be happy to pay for it. Any plans or thoughts on this?

Our guess (hope?) is that by the time we finished anything of value here, Apple would be finally announcing a Siri API that would allow us to do something much, much better. The solutions in this space at the moment are not quite up to par that we’d like to see, and a real Siri API seems like the way to go if Apple introduced one with iOS 8 in the Spring.

That’s our hope anyway.

Thank you.

Siri integration would be ideal, but who knows if Apple will give developers access. Don’t forget some open source alternatives are out there as well: politepix.com/openears/

Paying extra for voice control is a no-brainer for your existing customer base. Roomies ease of programming, flexibility and power make voice control a killer “must-have” add-on.