Volume control with two remotes open


I have been using the remote for some time now and generally found it easy to set up etc. However I have a problem in that if I open two instances of the remote, e.g. one on an ipad mini and one on iPhone, the volume for my receiver only works on the first remote, it does not even appear on the second remote.


All setting are identical on both remotes, I have my receiver (Pioneer VSX-LX55) a boxee box and SkyHD. Same issue watching either.


It’s probably something very obvious but couldn’t find any reference to it in searches so any help would be appreciated.



Pretty much all receivers work that way via IP although there are some exceptions. More recent 2011+ Denons have a workaround for that over IP as described in the FAQ:


Sony’s DN1030 also does not have that issue although it has other issues like no volume feedback over IP.

The only true solution to that for Pioneer is to go with Serial control instead of IP control as Pioneer simply limits IP control to 1 connection. The IP2SL/WF2FL get around that by allowing multiple connections.

Okay, Thanks very much for the swift response.



I’m happy to report that my Onkyo 616 has no problem processing volume signals from two different iDevices.