Volume Dial target is too small

The dial control design is quite nice. The only (and critical) problem is that the target for controlling the volume is miniscule. One needs to tap and hold precisely at the current volume location to make adjustments. Needless to say, this is impossible to do without looking down at the device. (see attachment)

The simple fix would be to allow sliding a finger up of down anywhere on the dial to control the volume.

The single finger gesture has a “normal” hit region size. If it were a large button, that’s about the size of it if you could see it outlined there.

However, your question implies that, like many, you haven’t found the more common gesture. Because enough people didn’t find it in 5.0 beta, we added the single finger gesture which needs to be much more precise to prevent accidents.

The better way to do it is to use the standard Apple rotation gesture just as you would on a photo. Using two finger rotation, it doesn’t matter where your fingers are and the feeling is much more precise.

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