Vsx 822

I have several devices working with my Pioneer VSX 822 receiver. My problem is that I cannot get Roomie to tune stations on the receiver nor can I make it power up.

What am I missing in the set up?

Power up is probably just the Network Standby setting on the receiver as discussed here in the FAQ:


What command are you trying to use for changing receiver stations and what input are you on?

Receiver input is on TUNER. I am trying to use the “Preset” and “Tune” function to change stations. I’ll look into the standby setting.

Changing the receiver’s standby settings solved my power up problem. I am still trying to resolved the tuning issues.

We’d preface any comment by first saying that, like a remote control from Pioneer, there are a specific set of commands offered by Pioneer. All of them are offered by Roomie. If one of those commands doesn’t operate the way you’d expect, the only explanation is going to be that it operates the way Pioneer intended it to operate. Exactly which commands are you sending to the Pioneer and what are you expecting to happen that does not?

The start commands I have are:

Power On

Input Tuner

Tuner Preset 1

That sounds much more like a timing issue than anything else. You probably need perhaps 500-1000ms of delay on the POWER ON command. Also, you can verify that by simply hitting the command again as POWER ON is ignored by the receiver if it’s already on.