Would love to access my Vudu movies like i can with my Apple Tv movies…

I access VUDU using my Western Digital media player.

In a round about way you can browse your vudu movies using Kaleidscape (Kscape)…sort of. Vudu is part of the Ultraviolet alliance. So every Vudu movie you buy it comes with an Ultraviolet license. So if you got a Kscape player you could download all your movies and view and play your movies from there.

Maybe not what you were thinking and it wouldnt be cheap but it is an option to do what you are wanting.

You can use a roomie to access vudu on a Roku. Just build a button that sends the app, appnumber command. I do it with netflix all the time

Yes i know that but i have to scroll on screen to the movie i want to see.On apple tv it lists my music with artist and my movies then i my iPad mini scroll thru list and click on the movie i want to see.would like that feature on the Roku stick.