Wake from Dim

I have Roomie set to auto-dim, but not shut off. If a dialog window is open, or a pop up (like volume slider) is open when the screen dims, it won’t come back up to full brightness when touched. It just ‘sticks’ on the dim setting.

Additionally, when dimmed, if the first touch is on a popup dialog like the Volume slider, the screen won’t re-brighten either.

I have to cycle the iPad off, then back on to get it back up to normal brightness.

I swear I’ve seen this bug in other apps in iOS5 and iOS6, so not sure if this is an Apple problem or a Roomie problem.

This is on an iPad 3 with iOS6.

We’re fairly sure we’ve got that one licked in the next release. We’re putting it through beta testing now to be sure.

I’m still experiencing this issue on both the IPAD and IPHONE 1.7 versions. Is there something wrong with my config?

What exactly are you seeing if you could describe a step by step reproduction and symptom?

I set Auto-Dim to 30 seconds and Auto-Lock to 10 minutes. The device then dims and then will not consistently re-activate to full brightness. I’m continuing to test to determine exactly what scenario causes the dimming to become permanent.


I’m seeing this same dimmed-restore problem on all IOS devices I’ve tested. It seems to be related to waking the device via the home button versus touching the screen. I’m surprised more users are not questioning this behavior. Maybe they have trained themselves to not use the home button (like I’m trying to do).

I’m having the same issue with auto-dim. I have to use the brightness slider to regain original brightness setting.

The original issue from this thread was fixed long ago.

Further comments are re-raising what is normal behavior and a bug in iOS that has gone unfixed for some time. There are two ways to dim the iOS screen. The “new and improved” way Apple provides uses actual hardware brightness. It’s actually providing less power to the screen and thus is distinctly superior to any other method. This is what Roomie uses.

The second way that old apps used because the above method wasn’t available until iOS 5 is to change colors and put filters on top of the existing graphics to make it look “dimmer”, a completely fake rendering of dimness with no actual hardware impact.

There’s little point using the second method. So we use the first method. Unfortunately, the first method also has a bug (on the Apple side). The bug is that you can’t reset the brightness when the app is exiting, it’s just ignored. So if the user hits Home, you’re going to be in the lowered brightness level. The solution is to tap the screen instead. Tapping Roomie which is probably in your launch bar anyway will also immediately restore original brightness.