Wake on Lan Blu Ray Player


I used a Blu Ray player (BDP-S370) that didn’t support Wake On Lan but it worked.

Now, I use a Blu Ray player (BDP-BX9) that does support Wake On Lan and it doesn’t work.

Must be a simple configuration error but I can’t figure it out… Any clues?



We do not list that model as supporting Wake on LAN. We’re not sure what you mean when you say it supports it. Did someone else say it does? We list the 3 models that do explicitly.

The bdp-s59 is a 2012 Sony. It’s the same as the bdp-s590 but it sells at BJs and Costco and comes with a hdmi cable,… Otherwise it’s the same player.

I believe we can consider it the s590.

Manufacturers very often de-feature products intended to be sold at Costco. Products purchased there are probably one of our top support issues as customers think they’re getting the full product but actually the manufacturers very often defeature such products and control aspects like this are exactly the kind of thing that are first to go. In any case, that’s why we do not list that model.

It’s likely because I had control for hdmi on before. I’ll see if turning it back on helps.

There is a wake on network setting in the bdp menus which is enabled.