Wake on LAN for HTPC running Media Center

Having looked through the FAQ it says: " needs to know the raw MAC address (not to be confused with “Mac OS X”) which it stores in the Roomie.plist file under the “persistent” key for the device. If that key is not set with the MAC address which happens during auto discovery, Wake on LAN wont work…“
Given the MCE controller is a manual ip set device (not auto discovered), how do you tell Roomie what the MAC address to use? I had a look at .plist file and could not see any obvious way of entering the MAC address for the windows pc.!! The FAQ also says: Given a compatible device that has been auto discovered or otherwise has a MAC address set, adding the Wake on LAN command is very simple…
”…otherwise has a MAC address set," How?
Thank you.

The easiest solution is to wait for 1.6 that supports entering MAC addresses as a standard feature.

The quick solution is to follow the instructions in the Wake on LAN FAQ. That is to edit the Roomie.plist file. Where you see all the keys for your MCE Controller device, add another key labelled “persistent” with the value of the MAC address for your PC.

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried your suggestion, using a plist editor I edited the Roomie.plist file with the pref setter on a mac:

  1. There is no new/wol command in the MCE command set.
  2. I assume the value of the MAC is entered as a string with the usual xx:xx:xx etc. format?
  3. When I look at the item above (an auto-discovered iTunes on a pc) the persistent key for that looks way different: 81DCF6BF… all caps! not 3c:4a:92:xx:xx:xx which what the router shows as the that pc’s MAC address.
    Am I missing something?
    Thank you

sorry! My bad :astonished:
I removed the “:” (colon) separator under the value key in plist file and now the +wake on lan command shows in the list of MCE commands.
Thanks for the guidance.