Weather info almost a must have feature request

I believe this has been requested earlier but as RR has evolved and become one of the most stable customizable smart home controller, l am sure like me more and more people are using it for 24/7 wall based multi room home automation (instant local home sharing was the best innovation)…what is missing is a very key feature for on wall control deployment @ weather info. I would like to make a strong recommendation to add this asap please

My setup works so well with guided access:

  • Room wall display as per attached picture always plugged in to a charger
  • 2 min screen lock in guided access mode
  • So this locks the iPad in 2 min helps preserve screen burnout
  • use any room sensor in proximity to set alert in HomeKit
  • as soon as it detects a motion the iPad wakes up and display the RR app

WoW everything works like a charm.

Only missing information that one would like to see on the wall iPad to display “weather information”

…and if we get this format with 3 windows it will be wow++++

Weather is already in the next major release. Currently, the following aspects comprise this feature:

  • HomeBar displays current weather symbol. Might add a temperature next to the symbol.
  • Tapping HomeBar Weather brings up ~ 10 day weather with rain and wind, etc. Along the bottom is the hourly weather for ~ 24 hours.
  • Sunset, Sunrise, and Solar Noon can be used instead of exact times for Automations.

There is not currently a large display version of Weather on the Dashboard. Would be pretty easy to add that.

It is also the plan shortly to remove all Cameras from the Dashboard and every other Activity panel. Cameras are being moved to their own horizontal, scrolling row right above the Homebar. This restores the usefulness of Toggle Activities which in situations with many cameras were basically hidden while making more sense since no more than 4-5 cameras were ever active at a time anyway.

Lots of other stuff coming in V9, but that’s one of the basic ones that is mostly already done.

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Thanks Will, look forward to ver 9…

I would like to share one more screen shot, this one is the main iPad @ Primary controller in the living room, this is the ultimate goal.

Currently l am using Stage Manager but cannot use guided access…hence keep hoping that RR doesn’t crash, been on for 1 week+ and sill very stable.

If we can Achieve all these functions in RR as one

app then we can use guided access and a perfect scenario for a wall controlled iPad

P/S : The other image posted earlier was for a client RR which doesn’t need to be on all the time, hence using lock out in 2min

Also note if Weather is implemented on a large screen, it’s best to include in the room view with a toggle option just like the time clock. Honestly dashboard is great for a small setups for complex multi room multi devices Dashboard is not useful as you cannot have a separate dashboard for each device which is wall mounted for that room and would like to show activities for that room