Weather support, button size and location

Hey Roomie,

I may be in a small minority of people that use Roomie as a complete home hub, with an iPad on my wall dedicated to running the program 24/7. I’ve put a lot of infrastructure in place and your program manages it all. I don’t know how many other people do this, so my requests may be low on a priority list, on completely unfeasible.


Like I said my Roomie app is open 24/7, and as a complete home hub it works great but a few details could make it work much better. Things like being able to move buttons around the screen other than having them stuck to the left hand side of the screen. I have my iPad on my wall in landscape mode, so the 60% of the screen on the right hand side is black when a function isn’t pressed. It’s a lot of real estate without function. Adding the ability to move buttons, maybe even adding something like a weather widget would really make this app function like a first class home hub.

Great work with the app, it really is amazing, and puts my old harmony ultimate to shame!

I use my iPad similarly to krisr2005 but as a dedicated home theatre remote. I agree that screen configuration would be an interesting option.

Another feature that I was considering today would be the ability to run the remote as a public terminal emulator, that is disabling/locking the use of the iPad for other purposes other than as a remote. going full screen with the remote would vastly improve the functionality and professional look of the remote.

Many of these are already current features. Going full screen with a VR is already a Remote Design option. Inside a Remote Design, common uses for the blank space include the clock feature and live video cameras. You just define a Remote Design for your System Off activity with a clock and any video cameras. Locking your iPad to Roomie is very easy using the Guided Access feature of iOS, and within Roomie you can then use multiple levels of additional locking to lockout editing, PIN lock, or lock Roomie to a specific room.

The two aspects of the original post that are not current features are a live weather display and perhaps some kind of centering of Activity buttons when an Activity is not open.

Thank you.