What is duration of Amazon Echo "set current room to xxxx"

The Simple Control Amazon/Echo guide states that you can set a default room to shorten commands by using “Alexa, Tell Simple Control to set current room to XXX”.

What is the duration/persistence of this command? How long does it stay in effect and what actions will cause it to be reset?

I am having trouble with the Echo/Simple Control syntax and trying to use the “set room” to simplify the voice control context, but it is confusing as to when I need or do not need to be specific about the Simple Control Room name.

Is there a voice command / status to ask Alexa what room is the current “Default” for Simple Control?

I can’t recall offhand if the change to remember this permanently is in 3.3.0 or 3.2.1, but going forward yes it is remembered long term. You can easily check that by quitting Simple Sync and issuing a command without a room. 3.3.0 (about to be released) has it if 3.2.1 didn’t.

Thank you.