Which streaming box integrates best with Roomie?

i’m thinking about reducing or eliminating my usage of DirecTv by adding a streaming box. I’m having difficulty determing the level of integration available with the popular models, in fact I’m not sure there even is any feedback integration. Am I right or wrong?

WD media box? Apple TV? Roku? Amazon Fire? Others?

If you’re going to get one right now, a Roku is the obvious choice. They work great via IP today. They offer reasonable levels of control via IP, but no feedback. There are recent statements from Roku that they will improve feedback in the near future.

Apple TV is still infrared only modulo Roomie’s ability to use Airplay with iTunes to control it. There is no evidence Apple TV will change, but with Fire TV on the market now perhaps Apple will finally decide to make some improvements.

Fire TV seems likely to be an excellent choice in the long run, but at present is definitely the worst choice as it has absolutely no control at all by any method and that issue is not just for Roomie. It is just not controllable.

It’s not clear WD is still being updated, perhaps its fans can comment here. As far as IP control, it is equal to Roku.

Thank you.