Which wireless blinds to use with Roomie?

Which remote (IR or RF) blinds would you recommend to use with Roomie? I would like to have blinds which are battery powered. I saw the Serena remote controlled shades, but how can I get these to work with Roomie? Are there other remote controlled shade vendors you would recommend?



Somfy is well-known for wireless RF shades. We do have their codes in the main library and use them here actually.

However, Lutron just introduced all kinds of new wireless shades at CEDIA, and we have extensive support for Lutron Radio RA 2 that should work well with those so that would also be something to look into.

Thank you.

I had the same question.

Do the Hunter Douglas products work with Roomie? I can’t find a thread that claims that it does.

They came by our booth at CEDIA but we have not had a chance to follow up with each other. They did seem to have serial codes so it should be easy enough to send codes to their devices with the DDK.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, the new less expensive Lutron shades (Serena) don’t work with the Lutron RadioRA2. They used to have both RF and IR control, but they discontinued the IR remote. I’m not sure if this means the shades no longer have the IR receiver or not.

If not, an option would be to hack the RF remote by opening it and soldering leads between the remote and the iTach IP to Contact Closure box.
A pretty rough solution, but I think it would work. And these shades are really nice for the $$. So I think it would be worth it.