Wi-Fi SSID - Warning Only or Serves Other Functions?

First week user and a till learning the app; question on Wi-Fi SSID field in the Home configuration screen.

Is that just for warnings about what ssid you are on? Or does it serve other functional components? Could you leave it blank during or even after set up? I’m assuming yes since most of my devices are not even on WiFi or k or about.

My specific example: 2 vlans - 1 main / 1 Iot. All devices to be controlled and an Apple TV to be utilized as my primary controller live in iot vlan. My phone is in main vlan. Assuming this not an issue?


It’s just to warn you when you’re not on your home Wi-Fi and thus many things may not work. If you leave it blank, you will not see such warnings. Whether control works regardless is of course something that one could imagine working with extensive and advanced network setup on your part.

Thanks Will!!