Wifi Physical Remote

I realize roomie is a application based control system, however I think it would be a great feature to have a physical button oriented remote roomie users could actually program and use just like the roomie app. I am a Professional integrator who works with URC and Crestron all the time. I love Roomie’s affordability along with it wide variety of devices it can control. The only negative is that it doesn’t have an actual Remote Control that clients can use besides the application. This seems to be a downside so some of my clients end up going the URC or Crestron route. A cool wifi button oriented remote would be a huge added feature.

We do have two solutions down that path, one at the high end and then many at the low end. The best and simply coolest thing since sliced bread is the LaunchPort with Buttons:

LaunchPort with Buttons

We fully integrate that as of Roomie 3.0+. Gives you 5 buttons, inductive charging, and is just perfect for a home theater with Roomie.

We also integrate with iOS Game Controllers of which there are many such as this one:

SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Controller

Thank you.

The Launchport with buttons looks really cool. Do I need a Luton controller in order to use it?

The LaunchPort does require one of two Lutron systems, either the SmartBridge Pro or Radio RA 2. Both require a Lutron dealer and are not available directly. (Do not confuse the SmartBridge with the SmartBridge Pro.)

Thank you.

How about a keyboard remote? There are quite a few remotes, usually designed for MCS, that send serial keyboard commands over IR, maybe integrate the keys from that device to roomie buttons somehow, since it is ir. Is there an ir to network traffic transfer stuff?

I’m a litle confused about the Launchport requirements. I can’t seem to determine if the sleeve is a separate product from the buttons. I would need the Smartbridge Pro, a base station, sleeve and buttons. That is a pretty high end cost for 5 button control although it is way cool and I am very tempted. Does actuating a hard button wake up the iPad too? Is there any response delay from the hard buttons?