Wifi Sync

With the removal of the itunes sync option in 2.0 I am trying to understand how the wifi sync method works (I don’t have a mac so can’t use the agent).

I have Roomie on a 4S and a mini and have both setup to wifi sync. Sometimes I will use one of the devices to select an activity and then have the device switch off. If I then pick up the other device to use it does not sync - presumably because the wifi is off on the first device ( I think this is why the itunes sync was useful). If I switch on the first device this then seems to sync to the second device and not, as I was expecting, second to first.

Does Roomie have the ability to check the timestamp of the last “sync file”?

iCloud Sync was a big support issue, so it has been disabled in 2.0.X per the release notes, probably just temporarily. Basically, there were too many cases where iCloud would suddenly discover some ancient configuration version and decide that it was your new configuration and then obliterate everything you’d done for a week. We will carefully re-introduce iCloud Sync as we evaluate that its reliability has increased.

Meanwhile, Roomie Agent provides significantly better synchronization anyway, but yes it requires OS X to run. We will be introducing additional platforms and form factors for Roomie Agent. The current priorities there are in order a Raspberry Pi version to allow running it on a dedicated little box, and an iOS version compatible back to iOS 5 to allow you to leave some very old iOS device running Agent all the time. Of course, Roomie Remote for iOS 5 could pretty much be used for that very purpose today. Grab an old iPod Touch 4 and just leave Roomie running. The synchronization protocol itself hasn’t changed from 1.9.3 to 2.0, so it doesn’t matter which version is performing the synchronization.

Thank you.

Excellent reply and amazingly quick. I have a raspberry pi (currently running openelec) so could probably use that or get another when that version is released. It’s not too big of an issue until then.

Any chance of a windows home server version?

Hey Roomie, still waiting on the Raspberry pi agent here, any idea When to expect ?