Windows iTunes pairing

I installed an updated iTunes a few days ago. When I did, I lost the remote settings and had to re-enable Remotes in Preferences->Devices. When I tried to access iTunes, Roomie gave me a 4 digit PIN to enter, and iTunes let me enter it… then did nothing.

After several minutes, I cancelled and tried again several more times, even rebooting the Windows XP machines that hosts iTunes. Same result… nothing, it iTunes and Roomie seem to be waiting for each other.


Windows XP SP3

Roomie 1.7.1

iOs 6.0.1

Could this be due to the iTunes upgrade?

Apple is apparently still bug fixing iOs 6 — I’ve seen reports about iOs 6.1.2 and battery problems, so I’m waiting until 6.1.3 is out for a few weeks before I upgrade.


We haven’t heard of any iTunes upgrades causing any issues with the pairings. If you run into an issue like that, we recommend just starting back at the top of the installation steps again to reset everything: